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Height: 5' 10"

Weight: 170

Eyes: Green

Hair: Dark Brown



Medaska on Sinatra                 Host                                         Webseries, Youtube

Good Fortune                          Sam                                         Nutmeg Creative,  (award winning short)

Kids Party                              Dad                                          Joseph Sierchio, Doritos Spec Commercial

Demon Child                           Neighbor                                   Joseph Sierchio, Doritos Spec Commercial

MPOV...the series                   Him                                          Public Domain Films, (Director, Performer, Writer)

MP2V                                     Him                                          Public Domain Films, (Director, Performer, Writer)

​Gotham Casino                       Host                                         Leiderman Entertainment

Cable XS                                Principle Performer                    Manhattan Cable  (Director, Performer, Writer) 

Sick Sports Memorabilia          Co-Host                                     Time Warner Cable,  (Director, Performer, Writer) 
Affinity                                    Harry                                        Sierchio Productions
Waitin for Izzy                         Tommy                                     Sierchio Productions
In the night we kill                    Joe                                           Puglisi Productions
A cup of joe                             Ted                                          Pratt student film
On the QT                               Partygoer                                 Platform Productions

2010 - present


Merry Go Round                    Chris                                         Upsala College
Friends of Barnet                   The Greenman                           Montclair Park
Twelfth Night                         Sailor                                        Marx Theatre
Ben Franklin                         Ben Franklin                              St. Thomas Arena
Social Disorder                     Angelo                                       Lackawanna Theatre

2010 - present

Improv/Sketch Comedy

Group Therapy                     Principle Performer                      New York/Metro Area
Manhattan Improv Co.           Featured Performer                     New York/Metro Area
Take Two                             Ensemble Performer                   New York/Metro Area
Double Take                        Ensemble Performer                    New York/Metro Area

  The Joke Factory, Café Improv, The Willams Center, The American Stage
  Conservatory, Don’t Tell Mama, 22 Below, Duplex, Main Street Comedy Club, Nyak
  Performing Arts Center, West End Gate, Dino’s, New York Comedy Club, Stand-Up
  New York, J. Anthony’s Comedy Club and Rascals Comedy Club.


American Stage Conservatory           Acting/Improv            David Braucher
Williams Center                                Theatre                     Pammala Krammer
Weist-Barron                                    Commercials             Ed Ferron/Frank Spencer

Special Skills

Impressions, Character Voices, Sketch Writing, Improv, Computers, Drivers License, Office skills, Collator, Teacher, Disc Jockey, B.S. Accounting, M.B.A. Management, Basketball, Baseball, Tennis, Golf, Football, Track, Coaching, Play by Play, Fishing, Bowling, Softball, Canoeing, Rafting, Camping, Swimming, Pool, Darts, Horseshoes, OWN EQUIPMENT (Canon HD camera & CS6 Production Suite)

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